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Abundance (table mount)     24”x14”x7”

Materials used:

  • Wood, Montana river shores and forests
  • Dried wild mushrooms, Hyalite Canyon
  • Slate base
  • Painted plaster cast of my face
  • Deer hooves
  • Forest floor lichen

We have so much in our lives, so much good – in plentiful amounts and gifts from the universe. Our plates and lives hold blessings of plenty, ample goods to meet our needs, sufficient answers to our questions and requests. Today, this very moment, I stop all my busyness to consider all the abundance I have to be grateful for. With the simple materials, gifts from nature, in alignment and design, I honor all that abundance. Simply that, I honor all the abundance in my life.

This table mount Mask Artistry piece, “Abundance,” contains so many of the nature objects for decoration that I love. It is truly a blessing for me to be able to work with combinations of wood and fungi, and add the special little deer hooves. All this is on the foundation of slate, stone so heavy and solid. The painted mask seems very African in tone, but also has elements of Native American design.

In this honoring of the abundance in our lives, it is my hope that as you gaze on this creation, you, too, will think of the abundance in your own life.