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(table mount) 

Materials used:
plaster cast of my face
white shell fragments
black stones
black sand
antelope skull and horns
slate base

I chose from many definitions and origins, this explanation of the name Argonaut: “a person who is engaged in a dangerous but potentially rewarding quest; an adventurer.”

This Mask Artistry piece entitled “Argonaut” is simply a heartfelt acknowledgment of those very brave souls who take risks, who trust enough to leap into the unknown to pursue their dreams or address an in-the-moment situation that needs remedy. They may be dreamers… or heroes… or adventurers.

In embracing the sense of potentiality with determination and hope, they plunge forward towards the possibility of success. Perhaps, at times, this reflects my own attitude. Perhaps, at times, it reflects yours. This Mask Artistry creation is an honoring of all those who pursue and engage in the exploration of personal, communal, or global quests, even in the face of danger or despair. And it celebrates the adventure in all of us.

The antelope skull serves as a base for the mask face, which is decorated with white shell fragments, black river stones, and black sand. A table mount, this Mask Artistry piece rests upon a piece of slate from Montana.