Conscious Trition

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Conscious Trition

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(wall mount)

Materials used:

  • painted plaster cast of my face;
  • sea glass found in Hawaii, Bonaire, Bahamas;
  • sea anemone spikes, shells and white coral, Hawaii;
  • sand dollars, Florida and Mexico;
  • green, gray and black tree lichen and moss, Montana; 
  • wooden frame and painted canvas base;
  • black sand, Hawaii;
  • dried crab shell, Hawaii

This Mask Artistry piece, “Conscious Triton,” is a mystical sea creature. I can imagine him residing in the ocean depths, perhaps in a sea cave, which he only leaves when a human asks for his assistance. In this imaginary space and time, “Conscious Triton” is able to psychically connect in Consciousness with humans and impart wisdom or power that relates wholly to the Element of Water. Partly whimsical and partly almost terrifying, this Mask Artistry piece has the sheen of WATER mystery about it.

The materials are many, with the primary focus on the chunks of sea glass and the ocean shell and coral bits. It is often fun or for me to imagine those chunks and bits in their original states, residing in the ocean depths or tumbling on the ocean floor. How many bottles broke and where did they come from? How long did the glass pieces tumble before getting spit out from a wave to the shore where I found them and put them in my pocket? What did the bit from a coral bed look like when it was alive and surrounded by thousands of anemones? How many tiny creatures lived in the cowry shells? How long did the crab (hidden on the right side of the mask face) scurry and scuttle on the lava rocks? So much is left to the imagination.

The tree moss and lichen seem to fit the piece perfectly, mirroring seaweed hair flowing from the Tritons’ face and headdress. All the decorations coalesce, creating this mystical sea creature mounted on a canvas backing, suitable for wall hanging.