My 2010 fee for a five day Academic Residency (up to ten workshops) is between $1650 and $2400 plus airfare from Bozeman, Montana, and housing and transportation within the city of the residency.  For a three day residency (up to six workshops) my fee is between $1200 and $1400 plus airfare, housing, and transportation to and from campus.



My fees for Community Workshops vary according to location, time frame, number of classes and participants. Usually, local workshops run for four weeks and meet one evening each week. I prefer no more than 14  participants in a group, and charge $100 per participant for a four-week class. For Community Workshops outside the Bozeman, Montana area, classes would need to run for two-four consecutive evenings, and my fee would include transportation and housing.  One time solo classes/ introductory sessions of 2-3 hours each can also be arranged and fees can be discussed.  I provide all the masks and materials, but would need some full length mirrors for observation use.



For Therapy Workshops with a licensed medical health practitioner, please contact me directly for more information, fees, and availability. For anyone interested in participating in a “self-help” type of workshop from a community base, without the presence of a licensed medical professional, also please contact me directly. Fees for “self help” types of workshops are similar to fees for community-based, non-actor workshops.



Purchase Theatre workshop masks here