Face of the Elements

I offer these masks as an honoring of the natural elemental composition of who we are: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, molecules of Stone, Bone, Shell, Seed, etc. Each of my masks represents some of counterpart aspect of the Elements: physical/emotional/mental/spiritual, individually or in combination with our own personal chosen masks and personas. Mask Artistry is an investigation of who we are within the masks, and what each may represent or trigger within our own emotional  makeup, as we witness and explore ancient creative traditions and bridge the gap between Ordinary Reality and the Non-Ordinary Spirit Realm. As “imagination is the language of the Spirit,” it has been my privilege to imagine these masks, the Faces of the Elements, into Being.

Some of my titles reflect my own emotional response to a mask, suggesting one facet of humanity we may each wear as a chosen "mask" at some point in our lives.  Your own emotional responses may be entirely different from mine. I ask that you be open to reaction possibilities in your personal exploration as you discover the individual characteristics of your own emotional makeup and the mask personas you recognize in yourself or others.  I also ask that you consider each of those facets as they relate to the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Elements, the counterparts and foundation of Who We Are as one entire family of Humanity.

It is my hope that one, or more, of these original, creative mask images which have appeared in my own inner landscape will speak to YOU, and that my joyful expression of Mask Artistry will bring you closer to your own self-introspection and a recognition of the honored place the Elements and the Mask Personas hold in our personal lives.

Thank you to Collette Brooks-Hops and Art Process Studio for giving me the vehicle and courage to bring these Beings into Ordinary Time.  My biggest thank you goes to my partner, Doug Morley, for his supreme assistance in finding incredible base pieces, and for helping to mount the masks.  This has truly been a lovingly shared creative experience with him.