All of the participants of the MASK WORKSHOPS, no matter what level of training, intention or need, can benefit from this almost-magical tool and transformative process of Mask Character Creation. The masks are simply a tool that leads us to be fuller, and more expressive in performance or experience.  We may be actors, actors-to-be, teachers, or simply folks who have a desire to experience and develop our creativity in an imaginative and playful environment filled with opportunity.  


Workshops are molded to fit the levels and needs of the  participants. Mask work, on any level, leads towards these intentions:

To develop a fuller range of emotional/physical communication

To awaken or develop the creative imagination

To build skills in fully realized character creation

To heighten emotional awareness, and energize the mind/body/impulse

To broaden actors’ and non-actors’ innovative choice making  abilities & rid actors of physical blocks, stale choices, engrained or repetitive physical habits

To get  a deeper understanding and expression of any scripted or improvised character