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Materials used: 

  • river wood piece, Wyoming
  • painted plaster cast of my face
  • buckeyes, Montana 
  • aspen bark, Vermont 
  • shelf tree fungus, New York

Whenever I look at sunsets or sunrises, I think of new beginnings. The very special shelf tree fungus pieces have designs that look to me like a sunrise or sunset, with their arced lines in semi circles. They are not painted; the brown, beige, cream, and green are all natural colors.

The curls of Aspen bark also make me think of ongoing circles, folding into themselves, sometimes making it difficult to find the actual beginning place, though we are certain it is nestled within.

Buckeye nuts are the beginnings of new buckeye trees, just as all appropriate emotional and mental seeds will birth new thoughts and activities. With this Mask Artistry creation, “Beginnings,” I honor all new and creative beginnings that lead us to more specific and self-reflective lifestyle choices and attitudes.

I intentionally added little paint to the face. I wanted it new, raw, appearing to be in a “beginning stage.” My many thanks to my husband Doug for his searching for and finding the tree fungus. He has the eye for nature treasures, for sure.