Blue Flora

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Blue Flora

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(wall mount)

Materials used:
wood, Montana river shore;
painted plaster cast of my face;
green and gray forest lichen and moss, Montana and Oregon;
dried flower petals and seed heads, Montana;
dried mushrooms, and tree fungus, Montana.

Flora is the Roman goddess of Flowers and is the name base of this Mask Artistry creation.

“Blue “Flora” is a commemoration, a celebration of spring activities when our Mother Earth's spontaneous budding time, automatic, instinctive, and natural, blossoms into a state of striking, flourishing splendor. This mirrors our own sense of creativity and accomplishment, no matter the season. But for us Montanans, spring’s awakening is ever so welcome after long winter months of snow and ice.

“Blue Flora” represents that time of re-creation, re-birth, and the bursting forth of all spring flora and flowers, so precious in gardens and forest fairy floors. The dried flower flora I've used here are flower petals from my own garden, and forest floor plants from nearby Hyalite Peaks, including dried mushrooms, moss, lichen and tiny bits of tree shelf fungus. In combination, the nature of flora bursts forth to surround the mask to honor the Roman goddess of Flowers in “Blue Flora.”