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wall mount  23”x18”x8”

Materials used:

  • Painted plaster cast, my face
  • Palm bark, Morro Bay, California
  • Pheasant feathers, Montana
  • Plymouth Rock rooster chicken feathers, from a tie-fly shop, Montana
  • Forest lichen, Montana
  • Two different seed pods types, Hawaii
  • Green Argillite stones, Montana
  • Black sand, Hawaii
  • Woven palm frond pieces, California

May 2020
At the time of writing the backstory to this new mask, humanity finds itself in the midst of the pandemic. For some, this is a positive time, filled with possibilities for needed change.  For others, fear is experienced in various degrees.

The two large palm bark pieces remind me of the lungs… and the capacity to breathe. I am spending as much time as I can, in the “new norm,” outside-in beautiful Montana – and I’m grateful for the Big Sky clean air to breathe.
Breath is precious, and this mask is entitled “Breath.” It may remind us all to do two things in our daily practice/contemplation/meditation. Both activities reside in a rhythm, a cycle: let go, allow, let go, allow, let go, allow. In the exhalation, we release any thoughts, emotions, or concerns that no longer serve our highest good. We can release perceived negativity or fears. And the counterpart is, naturally, inhalation. We can inhale all that which, in energy and consciousness, is for our highest good. We can be receptive, we can receive, we can invite, we can allow all that is good to enter and honor our bodies in the respectful ceremony and grateful manner of simple breath.

A rhythm, a cycle: let go, allow, let go, allow.

It is my intention and desire that when you gaze upon this mask, you can be reminded of the power of our breath within our personal and global intentions.