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wall mount 22”x17x9”

Materials Used:
Steer skull and horns, Montana
Plaster cast of my face
Tree bark strips, on horns and mask
Green Argillite stones, Montana
Cowrie shell “canoe” fragments, Hawaii
Forest lichen, Montana
Pheasant tail feathers, Montana

There is such strength in this mask artistry creation, which to me represents a sort of tribal, intrinsic courage of community and individuals within the community. At the time of my creating this piece, there are divisions in our country, and major climate hurdles we must overcome in order to help save our planet. It will take the ingenuity, creativity, and COURAGE of individuals, neighborhoods, tribes, and groups of lightworkers, and support countries to come up with innovative solutions to bridge the gaps, heal the wounds, and to move onward and upward with courage.
So much needs to be healed; so much is at risk. I honor the COURAGE of those who step forward with healing as their intention and COURAGE in their hearts, as we, individually and collectively, seek to mend divisions and move past and through the cross roads we may face now in our individual lives, in our country, and as members of planet Earth.