Feather Nurturer

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Feather Nurturer

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Materials used:

  •  wood base, Montana;
  • deer (fawn) skull, Montana;
  • small bird skull, Montana;
  • various feathers (turkey, pheasant, grouse, chicken, duck), Montana;
  • painted plaster cast of my face with a dusting of sand

This Mask Artistry creation is not for sale. It is one of my earliest projects, and it nurtured me while I was taking the first steps in creating Mask Artistry. I honor it for giving me the needed confidence and trust in my artistic work as I began, in the throes of excitement and awe, to begin this playtime with masks and nature objects. It pushed me forward, encouraged me to “keep at it” when doubts and uncertainty crept into my attitude. It asked me to keep exploring without judgment, to create with joy and no expectations. I continue to take such confidence from its simple presence in my studio. With gratitude, I named this Mask Artistry piece “Feather Nurturer.”