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(wall mount) (18”x25”x19”)

Materials used:
Deer skull and horns, Montana
Painted plaster cast of my face
Black sand, Hawaii
Velvet seeds from the Mgambo tree, Hawaii

As I gaze on this mask artistry creation, I am moved by the grandeur of the outstretched horns, almost like angel wings in the wind. I imagine the spirit of this deer soaring in the skies and I am filled with gratitude for all of wind’s positive properties. The winds that circle this planet are cleansing, powerful, rejuvenating, transforming and able to shift what "seems to be" into something entirely different. And I invite that wind-some shape-shifting into my awareness. I honor all life, represented by this deer, and all wind-some purpose, as it takes our lives and thoughts to soaring heights.

This is a simple mask with the name of the wind, Mariah, from a Broadway show song's lyric: "and I call the wind Mariah." It has, as decoration, two of my most special plant and sea elements: black sand from Hawaii's ocean-shore, and Hawaiian Mgambo velvet seeds, with their unusual and intriguingly soft velvet-like, pussy willow nature, which my husband and I gleaned from a special tree on the Big Island.

I request the presence of the element of wind, as a prevailing force or influence, to blow strength and clarity into my consciousness. May it do so, for you, the viewer, as well.