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Wall mount 27“ x 19“ x 6“

Driftwood, from a Wyoming lakeshore 
painted plaster cast of my face
wood pieces, from Montana and Southern California 
lichen, Montana forests 
seed pods, Hawaii 
Grouse tail feathers, Montana
buckeye seeds, Montana 
coconut shell beads, Hawaii

Many beings on earth and natural elements, like ocean tides, are connected to the moon’s cycles. I find it most appealing when the moon is in its crescent stage, either waxing or waning. It seems that it opens me to opportunities and new avenues of thought.

This mask is an honoring of ALL the moon’s cycles, but takes its form from the crescent stage.

I particularly love the wood pieces used for the base and decorations. Those pieces have gathered here together from many places: a Wyoming lakeshore pile of driftwood, a desert in Southern California, and the smaller sculpted pieces are from the Hyalite Forest here in Montana. I also love the seeds (buckeye, Montana) and big rust-colored seedpods (Big Island, Hawaii.)

I had great fun working with this variety of material decorations, shapes, and the colors of MOONSCAPE. It feels to me to be a Being that might have fallen out of a moonlit sky and took shape deep in the forest somewhere.

A nature sprite, for sure.