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(table mount)

Materials used: 

  • painted plaster cast of my face; 
  • wood base, Montana; 
  • white coral, Hawaii; 
  • feathers (peacock, turkey, etc.,) Montana

"Observer" is a watcher, a spectator, one who examines and scrutinizes, one who keeps watch on all that he beholds. He notices and ponders any action or activity before him, taking in the status quo. Sometimes, we, as humans with big mouths, speak before we think, with little regard for the aftermath. “Observer” is patient, serene with his silent waiting and simply observing. He takes in much information and quietly digests it. If he were to speak, it would only be after he digested the input, thought about it, and then he would respond.

As masks don't physically talk, it can be pleasurable for me to stand before one and ask something… and imagine what the mask might say to any question I might pose; I can receive information through my imagination in a most astounding way.

Stop–look-listen. Follow the lead of “The Observer.” Watch, taking the time to truly attentively observe, while taking in all the impulses and information coming your way.

This mask was surely influenced by my exploration of African masks while in South Africa, Kenya and Botswana, completing theater research and teaching assignments. Particularly striking to me are the spots on the peacock feathers showing through the eyeholes of the mask. In the right light, it looks as if this observer is actually observing me. I added white coral pieces I found washed up on the Big Island shores. Finally, I added feathers to complete the decoration.

This mask challenges me, an observer, to ask questions of the “Observer” and can take me into flights of fantasy and imagination. Because of this, personally, “Observer” seems to come from and represent the element of AIR…feathers and thoughts taking flight.