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(wall mount)

Materials used:
square canvas backing and paint;
plaster cast of my face;
long green tree moss, Oregon;
poppy flower petals and seed heads, Montana;
tree shelf fungus, Montana.

This simple Mask Artistry creation may appear alarming at first glance. The startling colors of the mask face of “Poppy” are astoundingly striking – reds, pinks, white and black combine to decorate the visage. It is interesting to note that all the colors on the face itself stem NOT from paint, but from the dried large poppy petals I picked up and dried after my garden poppy patch released them last spring. The full design in color was formed simply by the placement of the petals, which are glued to the plaster cast of my face. No paint. Just true color from Nature. I've added a few strands of long hanging tree moss I found in Oregon, a few poppy seed heads and a tiny bit of tree shelf fungus to complete the design.

Sometimes in life experience, issues or crossroads may at first seem alarming or fretful. Yet, once we look beyond initial appearances, we are sometimes able to discern the organized beauty beyond the façade of fearful chaos. So it is with this “Poppy” Mask Artistry creation. I ask that you look beyond your possible initial response at your first gazing to then recognize and appreciate the underlying beauty, simplicity, and fierce energy in the colorful design from Nature.