Tribal Confluence

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Tribal Confluence

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18" x 19" x 5"

Materials used:

River wood, Wyoming
Painted plaster face cast
Mngamo velvet seeds, Hawaii
Obsidian chips, Southern California 

A CONFLUENCE is “a coming together at one point.”

TRIBAL pertains to “a social group comprising numerous families, clans, or generations.”

We, individually and collectively, sit in between our ancestors and our future descendants… All one tribal family that flows backward and forwards through common ancestry.

This mask honors each individual‘s family of kindred lineage, whether or not that individual has delved into their personal genealogy background. Each of us is part and parcel, kith and kin, to our present family line as we live and breathe our place in the family tree and create the “now moment” of confluence, the coming together at one point.

It is with such fascination, admiration, and gratitude that I explore my place, my past, and future, coming forward from my ancestors and moving through my descendants’ line. It is family at its fullest.


I was obviously influenced by my interest in tribal clans and designs from Africa, as this mask has somewhat of an African feel to it. The gathering of materials from so many locations also made me think of the cross-cultural gathering of elemental tribes.

“Tribal Confluence” is what I have titled this Mask Artistry piece.