Theatre Workshop Masks

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Theatre Workshop Masks

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Choose from package of 10 or 15

Masks 1-10 are in one basic package.

Masks 1-15 include the basic package of 1 through 10, plus five extra masks.

Each mask can host a variety of character traits or emotions, to be discovered by individual users who explore the physicality, emotionality, and mental states of the characters they create. The following descriptions are only rough possibilities and represent the outward expressions, which can easily change and transform through the exploration process of character creation by individual participants.

This ageless mask seems to find pleasure in exploration of issues and the uncovering of emotional levels; the mask seems to be thoughtful and perhaps introspective, and fairly positive.

This child-like mask can run the gamut of emotional states from simplistic purity to astonished surprise.  It often is characterized by youth.

#3 JOY:
This lighthearted mask exudes pleasure, delight, and enjoyment. It embodies a rather “happy-go-lucky” attitude and expression.

This mask can be the Trickster, contentious, conniving, quarrelsome, bullying, secretive, employing any indirect means to achieve an end; often crafty, foxy and deceptive, the Trickster is brilliantly cunning and intelligent.  This excellent blend of positive and negative provides room for a wide range of either dark or light emotions, or a combination of both.

This mask is extremely versatile in its metamorphosis and can transfigure to either positive and negative traits and emotions; another of the shapeshifting masks.  This mask appears negative, but can easily switch to embrace 
many unequivocal and convincingly positive traits.

This mask may represent a slow but steady loyal character with a steadfast, resolute path, but also seems to contain the possibility of a downtrodden spirit.

This mask can easily embrace varying degrees of heartache, sorrow, grief, or regret.

This childlike mask is open, innocent, often shy and bashful, cautious in attempting to reach its longings or goals.

This somewhat neutral mask can represent ageless, simple contentment. It appears calm, serene, tranquil, but can also express an underlying disheartening or displeasure, depending on what posturing and physicality is discovered through the process of character creation.

#10 SLY:
Another mask closer to initial, apparent neutrality, this mask can have emotional undertones of knowledgeable cunning and devious scheming, but the opposite trait os a childlike passivity can also be explored through it.

This mask can easily transform from a confused or questioning nature to embrace a myriad of emotional states more of a positive and accepting nature.

This mask provides a mask worker with the opportunity to explore ranges of annoyance, irritation or dissatisfaction within a character, which can easily balloon into a character’s deeply nestled anger or rage.

This ominous mask can explore emotions that fall within the menacing and malicious portions of negative emotions.

#14 PIXIE:
This impish mask has a playful spirit which can also cross the exploratory lines of positive and negative in delightful, transformative ways to create many varied character types.

A shapeshifting mask that can either be high or low, dark or light, this Jokester can be a wisecracker or a witty jester, but can also embrace a facile neutrality and a simplistic nature that can cross into a variety of emotions. Many mask workers may find that what appears on the outward face may not always be what lies beneath.